Sewing Machine

I finally got my deposit back from my old flat last week (the cheque cleared last Wednesday) so I bought a sewing machine! I’d been planning to get one for a while so I had time to do some research and had pretty much decided on which one to get before I went to John Lewis. I decided to go to a shop so that I would get a guarantee and a bit of advice about which one was good. It was between a Singer and  a John Lewis brand one and I got the John Lewis one as the man said it was  a better machine for the money (I guess because you’re not paying for the brand). Although I’ve been sewing with sewing machines on and off for many years, I suddenly felt really stupid being in the shop and buying a machine. I think I was scared they would think I was an idiot or something. I don’t know why I cared about what the people in the shop thought – they just want the sale I would think – but I felt a bit out-of-place all the same. I think I was also nervous to be spending so much money in one go!

I haven’t played with it yet – my weekend has completely disappeared but I plan to make many things, hopefully for Christmas – I enjoy knitting a lot but it’s just too slow to make very many presents and with about 15 people to get gifts for, I am going to try to make as many as I can.  Now I just need to decide what to make and find somewhere that sells reasonably priced fabric……..

John Lewis sewing machine

3 thoughts on “Sewing Machine

  1. frankiesoup

    Oooh! You have the one I’d like to upgrade to eventually! 🙂 I love mine – and I think you did right buying the JL one. I got told that they roll off the same factory line as the big name ones – I know the JL Dishwashers when we were looking were actually Bosch. 🙂 Hope you get chance to play soon. If you want any fabric to play with, let me know and you can have loads of my scraps.


  2. jamahistory

    It is a Janome machine, but with a John Lewis branding. I will try 🙂
    I’m hoping to try it out today, if I can pluck up the enthusiasm to do anything today.



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