Scarf and Hat

For my sister’s birthday she asked for a hat, scarf and gloves, preferably in purple. After trawling All The Shops, I realised that apparently purple isn’t in this season, so I decided to make the scarf and hat, having found some nice purple gloves. I could find any wool that matched exactly, so I got some with lots of colours in (including purple). I don’t remember how I made the hat (I made it 3 times in total before I was happy) or how many stitches I cast on for the scarf, so this isn’t so much a post about how to make these things, as me just showing some photos of them!

The scarf (obviously)

The scarf (obviously)

The hat (again, obviously)

The hat (again, obviously)

Scarf and hat for my sister

The whole present (with bought gloves), which I’m pretty proud of!

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