Book: Great British Sewing Bee

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been obsessed with The Great British Sewing Bee! So much so, that as soon as I knew there was going to be a book, I had to get it. The advantage of working in a bookshop, is that I can get sneaky free books from the publishers sometimes. I may have done that with this book……


There are definitely a few patterns that I want to make in here!

The boyfriend shirt: (I especially love the fabric choice and styling!)


This tea dress is really cute – again good styling!


This camisole is cute. Not sure it’s my style, but I might give it a go once day.

IMAG0571I like this apron, might be a good thing to make as presents for people.

IMAG0569I love the hacking jacket that Lauren made in the show! Definitely going to give this one a go! And maybe in exactly the same fabric……


This top is pretty – I’m always  sucker for a peter pan collar!

IMAG0572The patterns are all printable PDFs, downloadable from the Quadrille website. I’ve printed off all the patterns I think I might make, now I just have to tape them all together…..

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