Boat Vest Top Refashion

I’ve been sewing like a mad thing this week, to get a dress finished for my friend’s wedding, which was yesterday – and I made 2 dresses: a wearable muslin and the actual one, so as soon as I take photos (and properly finish the muslin) I have lots of sewing to show off!

But in the mean time, here is a refashion I did ages ago and have only just got round to posting. I had a vest top with little boats on which I really liked, but it had become too small and too short:


I decided to make it into a t shirt by adding some red fabric as the top half and using the vest as the bottom half. We had an old pillow case lying around so I used a t shirt I had as a template and cut out the top half of a t shirt:



Unfortunately, as this was cotton and not jersey, I couldn’t get it over my head so I scrapped this idea and bought a cheap red t-shirt from Walthamstow market to cut up. Again unfortunately, the way I cut up the vest, meant that the new top was barely longer than before, so I added the bottom of the red t-shirt to the bottom of the new t-shirt. I don’t love it, but I have worn it quite a few times, so I’ve made something I never wore into something I do wear, so a successful refashion I think. (Sorry for the quality of the photos!).



It looks kind of crap from the back, but I don’t know how to fix it – I have a very narrow back, so things always look baggy.



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