I bought a new camera!

…and loads of fabric!

Since my old camera’s demise a couple of weeks ago (it was old when it was given to me and I’ve had it a number of years, so it had a good life) I was starting to obsess with buying a new swanky camera, which would make me an excellent photographer over night….I’m pretty sure that’s how it works! My friend who I made the Polaroid Camera case for is a photographer and when I gave her the case, we agreed she would give me a photography lesson in return. We did that a couple of weeks ago  so I learnt about exposure and shutter speed and ISOs and things and then we went into John Lewis to play with their cameras. And the guy in there ‘helping’ us made me, if anything, more confused. Then I looked online and became even more confused so eventually on Friday I went into Jessops (for those not in the UK, Jessops is a camera specialist chain) and I wandered around and found 3 cameras in my budget by different brands (NIKON, Sony and Panasonic) so I asked which one I should get and the staff were super helpful and listened to what I wanted the camera for and then said ‘The Panasonic is probably the best one for what you want it for’. Which was pretty much what I needed – when buying something expensive, technological and which I don’t understand, I find I very quickly get paralysed by choice so I needed a nudge in the right direction.

So I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30 and it’s very pretty!

CameraI’m still figuring out how it works and all the things it does, but I did manage to take some photos of the fabric I bought in Goldhawk Road after I bought the camera….because, you know, I hadn’t spent enough money already!


I had bought some of this before, but not washed it so I had a mammoth laundry session and then photographed it all. The new things are the denim-ish blue cotton drill at the bottom (which will become either a dress or skirt, I haven’t decided yet), the navy blue poly-cotton 3 from the bottom (which will be to make a muslin of a shirt for The Boyfriend) and the brown spotty cotton (which will become a tea dress.


Again only some of this is new – the pink stripey cotton, which is really soft and lovely (and will become a Grainline T Shirt) and the cotton fourth down (which is a present for someone). The others I already had and some of the fabric from both photos was given to me by a friend at work, so this doesn’t represent as much money as it might at first appear! I think it’s safe to say, though, that I won’t have to buy any more fabric in a long time. I probably still will though…….You gotta have a stash!

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