2 More Grainline Scout Tees

So, immediately after making my first Grainline Scout Tee, I cut out 2 more. As i blogged about aaaaages ago, for my birthday last year (and to tell you how long I’ve had this sitting around, it’s my birthday again in 3 weeks!) my friend gave me some lovely fabric, in fat quarters (I think). It seemed a shame and unimaginative to make them into cushions, so I sat on the pieces until inspiration hit me. And hit me it did in the shape of more Grainline Scout Tees!

Because the pieces of fabric were obviously too small to make a whole t-shirt from, I decided to get some plain fabric for each one to use for the back, the sleeves, a strip at the bottom of the front to make it longer, and the binding around the neck. I made the same change as the first one (a slightly bigger side seam, sewn with a french seam). The plain fabrics I bought were quite different – one is quite thin and the other really thick and both have a slight stretch. I was mainly thinking about matching the colours so didn’t really think about the kind of fabric I was buying, oops! But with changing the tension on my machine for the thin one, I had no problems making either tee and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out!

This cream is the thin one, it’s actually slightly see-through in some lights but in these photos it looks okay!


A spotty top with a spotty background!





Look at the neat binding on the neck! (Can you tell I’m pleased?!). I sewed the binding on the back then folded it over to the front (i.e. backwards to how it is in the instructions). It means the inside isn’t quite as neat as in my first version, but it was the only way I could think of making the binding visible instead of on the inside.


I have to say I prefer the green one, but the sleeves bunch a bit under cardigans because the fabric is so thick. But I loved this flower fat quarter the most of the three my friend gave me, so I’m glad I’ve made it into something that will mean I (and lots of other people) get to see it often.

I suspect these won’t be my last Grainline Scout Tees! Especially after seeing the variations other people have come up with around the blogosphere!

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