Make It: Appliqued Baby Grows

I realised once I’d posted my post about 2013 that when I said I only made one present all year I was completely lying and had forgotten some stuff. I think I was thinking just of Christmas, when I’ve actually made 2 aprons, for my sister and my friend, and I personalised some baby-grows for my nephew. I guess this might not count as ‘making’ the present, but I still figured I’d post it/ them here.

My (very cute) nephew – is it weird that it’s still weird to say ‘nephew’ even though he’s over 6 months old?! – anyway, he’s growing a lot. And he can pretty much walk already, which is insane! It seems like 2 seconds since he was teeny tiny and new. Anyway, again, I bought him some new threads for Christmas as I didn’t have time to make anything from scratch. And it turns out baby clothes are kind of expensive, so I figured the most economical way to get him some baby grows was to buy a pack of 3 plain white ones from Mothercare and sew some little animals on to make them a bit more interesting.

Luckily I had some felt in my stash, so I didn’t have to worry about hemming/ fraying. I pretty much picked what animals to do based on the colours of felt I had. The Boyfriend wanted me to do a pig because I had some pink, but I had already decided on an elephant because I had some grey left and I thought an elephant and a pig might be a bit random. So I decided to do a jungle animal theme, making an elephant, a lion(ess – because I didn’t know how to make a mane) and a snake.


I sewed on the eyes and tails, lion’s nose and snake’s stripes with various bits of wool from my stash. I considered cutting the little bits out of felt, but figured it would be way too fiddly to sew on.

And here are the 3 together. With a couple of little stripey t shirts, not a bad present if I say so myself!


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