I have loads more vintage patterns!

I’ve spent the last 2 days sitting on the sofa trawling the internet and watching crappy movies, after finishing a massive project at work. And I’ve been planning what I want to sew, but not actually doing any sewing. I think I’ve now got to the point where I have too many things I want to make, so feel unable to make a decision where to start! I’ve bought several new patterns and I have quite a lot of fabric in my stash which I’m planning to make things out of. The stash might have shrunk this evening, though, as I pre-washed a bunch of things (including 3 metres of liberty fabric I bought at the Spoolettes meet-up) and one of them ran 😦 I had some bright pink stuff (don’t know what it is as my friend gave it to me) and it has stained most of the other things I put in with it. It’s very sad. I’m washing them again and I’m going to go out tomorrow to get some of that dye-removing stuff that I think Dylon make. One of the worst ones now looks like it was always pink, and it had pink flowers on anyway, but I liked it before, so that’s a bit sad.

Anyway, enough lamenting about my possibly ruined fabric (*sob*) and on to my new(ish) load of vintage patterns. Before Christmas (like, way before Christmas) my Aunt emailed me to say her friend was selling a lot of vintage sewing patterns which belonged to a relative. There were 60 patterns in all and I was temped to take all of them, but I have a small flat and The Boyfriend is already quite understanding of my ever-expanding piles and boxes of crafty stuff, so I thought I should not take them all. So I said I would take the pre-1971 (i.e. pre-decimalisation) ones. They look to be mostly bust size 36, so I’ll have to grade them down a bit on the bust (I haven’t looked at the other measurements relative to today’s sizing). Some of them are amazing! I feel I should join Marie’s Vintage Sewing Pattern pledge as I now have quite a stash of them, with the ones I have borrowed from my Grandma.

There are 3 Butterick ones, which might be my favourites (possibly because they’re all styled in blue on the packets):

P1020049There are 6 by the company Style, which I’ve not heard of before. Maybe someone can fill me in it as a brand?

P1020050(the second 3 aren’t as much to my taste)


There is one vogue one which has seen better days!P1020047

The majority of them are Simplicity, and most of them are lovely sixties styles!

P1020059P1020066P1020069P1020062(I especially love these 2 – again styled in blue – and I definitely want to make on of the jacket on the left.)

P1020057P1020055(these last 2 aren’t so much my taste, but the pencil skirt might be a good basic pattern).

There were also 4 kids’ patterns, which seem very twee but might be fun to make up.


And there was a random men’s dressing gown pattern hidden in the pile.P1020079

So I am now the proud owner of way more vintage sewing patterns than I will probably ever sew!

I’m also hoping to get back to writing on here regularly as I still have a loads of posts queued up and I’m going to spend the next 3 days sewing ALL THE THINGS!

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