Another Grainline Scout Tee, but this time with a collar!

Before Christmas (I know, I know, I’m so behind with my posts!) I made myself another Grainline Scout Tee. I had quite a bit of the (slightly horrible) shiny navy blue fabric left over from my Gertie Bow-Tied Blouse, and I thought it would make a perfect Scout Tee with peter pan collar. I used the collar from the Emery Dress as the basis for my collar, turning it from the pointed collar to the peter pan collar by rounding the edges, as she mentions you can do in the Emery Sewalong. I already had my Emery dress cut out, hoping to get it done for the sewalong deadline (but shamefully I actually finished it yesterday – YESTERDAY! Now I need to find time to photograph it..), so I held up the collar to one of my existing Scout Tees and thought ‘yeah, that looks like it will fit’. I just had to make the collar a little longer, otherwise it wouldn’t have met at the back. I should have realised, though, that it wasn’t that simple. What I should have done was used one of any number of tutorials on drafting a peter pan collar, including in Gertie’s book, and made one from scratch. The collar is too big along it’s outside edge for the neckline of the Scout tee, so it sticks out and ripples. I have fudged it a bit at the back, taking a tuck out of each side where they meet so that the collar tapers to be thinner, taking out some of the rippling. I also sewed the collar down, just next to the neckline to stop it sticking out so much, but I have since unpicked it as I didn’t love how it looked.

Having said all that, I still love it and wear it quite a lot, but I’m sure once I’ve got more me-made things in my wardrobe and I get better at sewing (hopefully!), it will be relegated to a no longer worn pile!


Looking at the top in photos, the collar does look a bit bum-like! Ooops! Still don’t care!


You can see the fudging at the back here.


Looking at the photo, and having just read Lauren’s post about her fitting issues with the Emery Dress, I really have to start sorting out my narrow back issue – what’s the point of making your own clothes if they fit as badly as any RTW crap?


I french seamed all the seams, as with my previous versions of the Scout Tee, which makes it looks all pretty inside and was really necessary for this synthetic monstrosity of a fabric, which frayed like a bitch!


6 thoughts on “Another Grainline Scout Tee, but this time with a collar!

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