Me Made May 14


I’ve been thinking for quite a while about Me Made May and whether I should join in – and if so, what I could manage in terms of my pledge. When I first started sewing just over a year ago, So Zo’s Me Made May came around when I had made, like, one dress and I was jealous of everyone who could join in. This year I have quite a few me-made things, and I generally wear them quite often, so I figure I can join in this year. Especially because I’ve been bad at joining in with things so far!

So my pledge for Me Made May is:

To wear at least one me-made/ refashioned item each day, for four days out of each week. I’ll take photos every day and post a round-up once a week. I’m also going to try to wear different outfits where possible, so that the photos don’t look all the same and we all get bored of me wearing the same 3 things in rotation.

Maybe by next year’s Me Made May, I’ll have enough garments to wear something every day. I have several things which I’ve finished, but haven’t blogged, so I’ll try to blog them throughout May to catch up! I’ll also see what items I’ve made which I never wear/ don’t feel comfortable in (my Elisalex dresses I suspect) so that I can learn more what suits me, what I’m comfortable in and what I like, so that my future sewing is more tailored to my actual style and is as much cake as it is frosting, as they say. I would try to make more things throughout the month to make my outfits a bit less repeat-y but I have a very busy month, so I’m not sure

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