Book: Love At First Stitch

Love-At-First-Stitch-1 I’m sure if you follow any sewing blogs, you will have heard about the release this week of Love At First Stitch by Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons. I was lucky enough to get an early (and free!) copy from the publisher – there are some perks to my job! As I’m sure everyone else has said, this is a really lovely book – both beautifully produced and filled with brilliant tips and some lovely patterns.

Love-At-First-Stitch-2The book takes you from total beginner, making a scarf, via pajama bottoms, skirts, a blouse through to a pretty party dress, teaching you all the techniques you need as you progress through the book. There are little sections between the instructions to teach things like putting in a zip, and help fitting patterns to your measurements:


If you already know how to sew, then this book is still for you as the patterns are lovely and have a 60s-style vibe, which fits in with things I like to make and wear.

I especially love the Mimi Blouse (and have already cut one out – just need to find time to sew it together!):


The other brilliant thing that Tilly has done is to show you how to customise/ alter the patterns to your own taste/ style, like this Mimi variation with contrast collar and piping:


I also love the Megan Dress:

Love-At-First-Stitch-5and the Lilou Dress is definitely on my list of patterns to make.


And I love, love, love, the variation with a scalloped neckline:


To celebrate the online launch of the book, I made the Brigitte Scarf, which is the first pattern in the book. I made it double-sided, with some stripey fabric I have earmarked for a laurel dress. I cut the pattern 9cm x 60cm, compared to the original size of 15cm x 65cm. I shortened it because my paper was 30cm long and I changed the width because the pattern should be folded in half lengthways (then turned around the right way), but because mine was 2 different pieces for each side, I halved the width and added another 1.5cm seam allowance.

The stripes go lengthways:

Brigitte Scarf 1

And they go across the scarf:

Brigitte Scarf 2


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