2 Simplicity 2451 Skirts

As you may have seen in my Me Made May posts, I made 2 Simplicity 2451 skirts recently. I finished them near the end of April and have worn them both quite a bit. One is black corduroy and the other is navy blue drill, both were a gift from my sister who was clearing out her stash. I cut out a straight size 8, based on my waist measurementĀ  and the finished garment measurements – there’s at least 3 inches of ease built into it, which seems like a lot for a skirt that’s meant to sit almost on your waist. I wanted them to sit actually on my waist and the blue one does but the black on is quite a bit looser – does anyone know why that might be? Has the corduroy stretched? Is that something it’s prone to do?

Anyhoos, here are my pictures – I don’t really have much to say about construction. They came together really easily and I didn’t make any fit adjustments – which I probably should have. I love the pleats and the pockets are big enough to fit my (stupidly big) phone in without it falling out when I sit down, so it’s a winner of a pattern in my book!

Black corduroy version:

The blue version: (I didn’t realise I had a ladder in my tights btw!)

I hand-stitched both hems and I think after these and my second Emery, this is my new favourite method of hemming – I used to do them on the machine for speed, but it does look nice if you can’t see the stitches!

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