Colette Laurel 2

When I wrote my post about my first Laurel, I mentioned that it wasn’t the only one I’ve made. I made my second one pretty quickly after the first one. I made this one from the same fabric as my Mimi Blouse, because there was quite a long length of it.

Colette-Laurel-brown-pattern-1I love this fabric – not sure I mentioned that before?!

The only additional change I made was to lower the bust darts by 1 inch. You can see the pulling at my armpits in the above photo – I definitely need to alter the armscye to give myself more room – any tips on how to do that?

Colette-Laurel-brown-pattern-2I’ve realised, looking at these photos that the fabric is slightly see-through – and I was wearing black underwear! Oops! Oh well…


I didn’t bother about pattern matching the dress – as you can see above, on the back seam in particular. I did, however, pattern match the the pockets, as best I could – they didn’t match quite as well as I’d hoped, but from a distance, you can’t really see them. Colette-Laurel-brown-pattern-5I used a dark brown zip from my stash and some black bias binding, also from my stash, so this was a pretty cheap make. I also used french seams as the fabric frayed like a bitch.

Colette-Laurel-brown-pattern-6Colette-Laurel-brown-pattern-4I don’t really have much to say about this dress, as it’s pretty simple to construct and I talked about the changes I made in my previous post! All I can say is I love it! I’ve had several compliments from people whenever I wear it and I always delight in the moment where I can say ‘I made it myself’ – does anyone else secretly like those moments?

And I’ll leave you with this photo, with the odd expression!


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