My first amigurumi – Pusheen!

I made a Pusheen!

Pusheen-1Have you heard of Pusheen? He’s a very lazy animated cat who is the subject of a Tumblr.

I used this free pattern on Ravelry to make him, and this is my first amigurumi make. I made him because I’m making a present for someone which is a crocheted amigurumi thing that’s much more complicated, so I thought I’d make a simple thing for practice.

Making the little feet and ears was a bit fiddly, but I managed it and they looked okay.

Pusheen-3I basically had to re-teach myself how to crochet as I hadn’t done any, since learning, apart from when I made my crocheted cushion cover, back in November 2013! Youtube is my friend!

He does just about manage to stand up 🙂


And look at thos cute little feet! (Nipple feet as a friend of mine has dubbed them – cue weird google searches finding my blog!)Pusheen-4Embroidering his face was probably the hardest part – it took me a few goes. The pattern calls for actual toy eyes, but I didn’t have any and as this was a practice and a kind of stash buster, I didn’t want to buy anything specifically for it.

Do you crochet? Amigurumi or otherwise? Making this and the present (which I still haven’t finished, bad!), rejuvenated my interest in crochet and I think I’ll give a blanket or another cushion cover a go – I do like the classic granny square!

8 thoughts on “My first amigurumi – Pusheen!

  1. vaudevillehippie

    He is very cute. I have a book on Amigurumi based on vegetables and animals. I managed to knit a worm and started a snail, which sadly never got finished. Good luck with the blanket or cushion cover.


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      I find with crochet and knitting, I get bored very quickly – I currently have a cardigan which needs one more sleeve which I’ve been knitting on and off for 18 months (!) and a jumper which I started in January and haven’t picked up since, so I would be the same with the snail 🙂 The present I’m making should have been finished in March and once i missed the deadline I slightly lost interest, which is really bad because it’s someone’s birthday present!

      I wonder if making granny squares would be better for my productivity because there’ll be small wins each time I finish a square!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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