Pink Hounds-tooth Françoise Dress

I’m a bit if a shamless stalker of Tilly and the Buttons (as I’m sure a lot of us are – really, tell me I’m not the only creep !) and though some of her patterns aren’t really my style, some of them really, really are. I love Coco (and this might be my first knit make, when I finally get around to it). I have Love At First Stitch and have made a Mimi Blouse, and have plans for Lilou and Megan plans for the warmer weather. I loved Françoise when it was first released at the end of last year and particularly liked the sleeved version with a collar which she made. So I made one! Just in time for the weather to warm up……..doh.

(I had a smudge on my camera and didn’t notice until I’d taken half my pictures, so I apologise for the splodge on my arm/ ampit!)

Pink-Francoise-2I made the size 2 and didn’t bother with a muslin as it seemed like it would be quite easy to make changes as I went along, and it was. The underarm seam is sewn in one go, so it’s easy to take it in. I luckily didn’t have to change the darts, which is good because I wouldn’t know how to do that! Luckily Tilly has a post about how to make bust adjustments, should you need to.

The fabric is pink and black hounds-tooth from John Lewis in their new year sale – it was half price at £8.50 per metre. This is usually more than I would spend, but since it was meant to be twice as expensive it seemed like a good bargain. Pink-Francoise-7I’m pretty pleased with the fit at the back as I usually have problems with things gaping at the back. I did decide not to over-fit this as I didn’t want it to be skin tight, to keep that slightly loose 60s style. I think the wrinkles just above my bum are because it had ridden up a bit rather than because it doesn’t fit properly!

Pink-Francoise-4I’m also pleased with the invisible zip I put in at the back – I bought an invisible zip foot a while ago and tried to use it once, but it just kept hitting the teeth of the zip, so I gave up. I’m glad I got it to work this time – I’ve no idea what I did differently! Moderate pattern matching – at least the stripes are in lines across.

Pink-Francoise-10The collar is made from the left over fabric from my first Victoria Blazer. As I discovered when I made the blazer, this fabric doesn’t really keep a fold when ironed, so the collar wouldn’t sit flat.

Pink-Francoise-5I decided the only way to make this comfortable to wear, without the collar sticking up, was to slip stitch the collar down. I did this about half way up so the bottom of the collar would still look like it had some movement and wasn’t totally stuck down.

Pink-Francoise-11I slightly change the shape of the skirt, which looking at the below photo, needs a bit of tweaking! The skirt as drafted just didn’t look nice on me and the fabric had too much drape for the a-line shape to show up. I sewed the side seams in from about the hips, down to the hem. The only other fitting change I made was to take some seam allowance off the shoulder seams as the dress was sitting a bit high on my shoulders. I also had to trim the seam allowance right down on the shoulder seams as the full seam allowance was sticking up and made me look like a rugby player!Pink-Francoise-6 I also added pockets – I used the pockets from the laurel dress and just guessed, by trying on the dress, where they should sit. Looking at the photos, I think the pockets could have been a little bit lower, but at least I’ve somewhere to keep my phone! I tried to pattern match the pockets, but I went a bit cross eyed and only vaguely managed it.

Pink-Francoise-8 Pink-Francoise-9

I’ll leave you with this blurry photo! They always look fine until I upload them onto my blog – does anyone else have that problem? Any tips on how to fix my photography?Pink-Francoise-3Do you like Tilly and the Buttons’ patterns? Have you made any? Do you have plans to make any?

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