Style Crush: Tilda Swinton

So I love actresses (I do acting classes a couple of times a week and dream of being a film star, obvs!). And I especially love tall, slightly mannish ones – no idea why  – like Allison Janney, Fiona Shaw, Eve Best and Janet McTeer. Chief among these women is Tilda Swinton. She does androgynous style like no-one else. And she has the most amazing hair!

Tilda Swinton 1(image source)

As you may or may not have spotted in my last post, about my Linden Sweatshirt, my hair is shorter now than it was when I first had it all cut off. This was not entirely what I wanted – I asked for a trim and got a completely different haircut! I’m definitely going to grow it out a bit more and Tilda Swinton’s hair is definitely one of my inspirations. Not sure I’d have the balls to have an undercut though!

I love her over-sized tailoring type looks. She definitely rocks some excellent trousers! And on the red carpet too – it’s not super often that you see actresses etc. wearing trousers on the red carpet.

Tilda Swinton 2(image source)

Tilda Swinton 3(image source)

I want this jumper.

Tilda Swinton 4(image source)

Tilda Swinton 5(image source)

Tilda Swinton 7(image source)

I love, love, love this over-sized jacket! Not sure I could pull it off at only 5’3” though. Tilda is 5’10.5” apparently. And she’s not afraid to wear heals, which is awesome!

Tilda Swinton 8

(image source)

She can also do more feminine looks – I especially love this look from the Baftas.

Tilda Swinton The Orange British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) held at the Royal Opera House - Arrivals. London, England - 12.02.12 Featuring: Tilda Swinton Where: London, United Kingdom When: 12 Feb 2012 Credit: WENN(image source)

I love the drama of this look – it’s sort of a dress but not something you can imagine every starlet wearing.

Tilda Swinton 9
(image source)

I especially love this gown, with the fresh almost-not-there make-up.

Tilda Swinton 10(image source)

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how much she can change her appearance for films? This is her in The Trainwreck:

Tilda Swinton 11
(image source)

And in The Grand Budapest Hotel! I mean wtf!?

Tilda Swinton 12(Gif source)

 I wish I was taller as I do feel drawn to androgynous looks quite often, but I feel like you have to be tall to pull them off. I might be wrong though – do you know any shorter androgynous style icons?

6 thoughts on “Style Crush: Tilda Swinton

  1. Prue

    Couldn’t agree with you more about Tlda she looks marverlous.
    Hope you have a good holiday and look forward to seeing you soon .
    With Love P


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