Aztec Print Mabel Skirt

On the same day I made my Linden sweatshirt, I made a Colette Mabel skirt from the same fabric. OMG, this was so quick to make! It took, like, 90 minutes – and that was because I made a rookie error and sewed 2 pieces wrong sides together!



I made the size xs and the only change I made was to add 2″ to the length – I held up the pattern pieces and it seemed like it would be waaaay too short!


I think when I cut the skirt out, I didn’t quite get it perfectly straight with the pattern – which I didn’t notice until I saw these pictures! You can see on the hem, below, that the line isn’t quite perpendicular. Boo!


The waistband is also really on the wonk! But with a top covering it, you can’t really see.


But I did triumph on the pattern-matching front on the back seam! Behold!


I used my beloved twin needle for the hem – I’m really starting to get the hang of sewing with knits now I think!


The only problem with this skirt, though, is that I’m not sure if it suits me or is really my style. I might give it a go in the longer length and see if that’s any better. Or maybe make a size bigger. Or slightly change the shape so it doesn’t go in so much at the bottom. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times on here, I like to wear looser fitting tops but this skirt looks really weird with a non-tight top as it makes me look top-heavy.


Any ideas how I can make this more ‘me’?

4 thoughts on “Aztec Print Mabel Skirt

  1. evenlode1967

    It doesn’t look wonky to me, just as if the pattern is a bit horizontally irregular. Horizontal striped patterns are always a bit of a gamble as they can make one look a bit wide, but I like this on you. I reckon a slightly bigger size, a bit longer (as from the look of the photo, its your legs you look uncomfortable with showing) and a plain rather than a print, and its a goer. I have to say, it does show what a lovely figure you have. Also, I do actually LOVE the pattern! I think its great on you!


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      I agree bigger size and longer – imagine how short it would have been if I hadn’t lengthened it! It’s more the shape that my legs I don’t like – it’s a bit 80s how it goes in so much at the bottom! Definitely going to try it in a plain fabric too 🙂


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