Fabric Inspiration – Lace

So just before Christmas I was in my favourite fabric shop, Rolls and Rems at Holloway Road (are you sick of hearing about this shop yet!?) and I was looking for some fabric to give as a Christmas present. Obviously I had a look through their remnants bin, and was tempted by a couple of things which I ended up putting back – be impressed! But there was one thing I didn’t put back – a huge length of navy blue lace fabric. I decided a month or so ago that I wanted to start sewing with other kinds of fabric and lace was on my list (as well as velvet, sequins, and leather), so this felt like fate!


It’s quite a lovely shade of blue, as you can see here. I experimented with holding different colours underneath it to see what might work as a background in my eventual make. Weirdly it seems to really change colour depending on what other colour it’s paired with!





I thought it would look brighter on brighter colours, but it has the opposite effect. So I think out of these, cream is the best option. And I’m going to look for some navy fabric in the same colour as the lace as I definitely think I can get 2 garments out of it – there must be 3 metres. It was £15.99, so if I can make 2 things and use mostly stuff I’ve already got in my stash, then these will be rather thrifty makes!

But then the question is what to make? I decided to do some research on Pinterest, one of my favourite pastimes! I think the options, unsuprisingly, are a top, a skirt or a dress – or a combination of these.

First skirts. It seems to be popular to have the lining shorter than the lace part, which I think looks sort of sexy and demure at the same time.

Lace Skirt 1
(image source)

I like the look with a fuller skirt, too.

Lace Skirt 3(image source)

And this one only has a little ‘overhang’ but it still adds something I think.

Lace Skirt 5(image source)

The other main kind of lace skirt I could find was office-y pencil skirts, where the lining and lace are the same length. I like both of these, with the paler linings.

Lace Skirt 2(image source)

Lace Skirt 4(image source)

Now onto tops. I love this trio of white/ cream tops – I like how they use the scalloped edge of the lace as the hem on the top and sleeves.

Lace Top 1(image source)

Lace Top 4(image source)

Lace Top 5(from Anthropologie via pinterest)

I like this more casual use of lace, too, from So Zo’s blog,

Lace Top 2
(image source)

Here’s another one that just uses just a bit of lace, but it looks more special than a basic t shirt.

Lace Top 3(image source)

This might be my very favourite top I found – from the front it looks quite plain, just with a scalloped edge. But from the back it’s got this lovely bit of lace peaking out from between 2 more scalloped edges. I may have to copy this one!

Lace Top 6
(image source)

I think I’ll definitely make a dress, then it will be a case of deciding skirt or top. And what kind of dress! I’ve got a wedding to go to in May so I’m thinking of making something a bit more special that I would normally make to wear to that. I haven’t made any party-type dresses in ages!

I could make something kind of like this, using the lace over different parts of the dress. With white/ cream underneath it could look quite chic.

Lace Dress 1(image source)

I like this with the flash of colour showing through from the lining – though as I mentioned above, I’d have to be careful about which colour I put underneath my lace.

Lace Dress 2
(image source)

This shift-type dress is really up my street, though if I made a version of it it wouldn’t look quite like this, as my lace doesn’t have such a large pattern.

Lace Dress 4
(image source)

I love this, but it might be too dramatic for a daytime day wedding!

Lace Dress 5(image source)


This one might be too risque for a wedding – I think it’s kind of see-through in places, though it’s difficult to tell from seeing it on a mannequin.

Lace Dress 6(image source)

Have you ever sewn with lace? Do you have any tips I should know before I embark on it?

9 thoughts on “Fabric Inspiration – Lace

  1. Katie

    Ah, so Rolls and Rems is still there? I ask because I was on their website last week and it only had the addresses of the two other branches – no holloway road! Phew.

    That is really crazy how the lace colour is affected by the layer underneath – I like the brighter navy in the first pic the best. My main tip is to just plan your seam allowances and darts so they don’t show through, either by underlining instead of lining, or by using a very narrow seam finish.


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      I haven’t been to Rolls and Rems since before Christmas so it might have closed since then, but they weren’t having a closing down sale or anything, so I assume they’re still there. Weird that they’re not on the website.

      Thanks for the tip about the seams – I hadn’t thought of underlining as a way to hide them!


  2. evenlode1967

    Wow, I can’t believe how the different coloured underlayers changed the colour of the lace! That’s astonishing! I have to say that I have a navy lace pencil skirt and I love love love it and wear it for day and evening. It makes me feel so feminine. Love all your inspirations, especially the scalloped edge top and the black dress with the waist. I don’t think that would be too much for a daytime wedding. Especially not in blue rather than black. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      I know, it’s really weird how much the colour changes! It might just be my camera, but it looked pretty weird in real life too. I think I might go for a pencil skirt – then we could be twins! And then I think there’d be enough left for a dress, and I do fancy something fancy 🙂


  3. Kristy

    I have just found your blog and now a new fabric shop too! 🙂 good lunch time read – thanks ! I am relatively new to sewing and London so always on the look out for new shops! 🙂


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      Ooh, thanks for reading! I still feel like I’m new to sewing, and I’ve been doing it for 3 years. I also easily feel intimidated in fabric shops, but Rolls and Rems always seems very friendly 🙂


      1. Kristy

        Unfortunately I feel very comfortable in fabric shops – I am on a Walthamstow diet – no more trips for a while! I have been sewing on and off but I am trying to take my obsession with buying fabric and patterns into actually making some clothes with it! My little blog is in the link 🙂


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