Turquoise Coco Top

I made another Coco! This time it’s a top. I haven’t ended up getting too much wear out of my dress version yet as the fabric is quite thin and it feels like it’s been Winter for about 3 years! Interestingly, there is a link between the dress and the top besides the fact that they’re the same pattern (duh!). As you may remember, I made the dress for Karen from Did You Make That’s Made Up Initiative. I went to the meet up that included the prize drawer, wearing my dress (obvs) and some people had brought some patterns and fabric to give away/ trade. I picked up this amazing turquoise jersey as a remnant that someone didn’t want. And it made the perfect Coco top!


This is an accidental copy of the top on the pattern cover. I love 60s style fashion so I love, love, love the funnel neck on this top version! I had cut out the small pocket,  but decided not to put it on as I thought it would look a bit too busy.


As with the dress, I made the size 2 with no changes. It does sit a little strangely on my upper chest – anyone have any ideas why and how I can fix it?


I didn’t bother with the side splits – mostly because I forgot to mark it on the pattern and the fabric, so I just sewed the whole side seam to the hem.


The back looks okay – it’s snug across my bum so looks a bit pool-y in my lower back, where it’s not so tight! I know I keep saying it, but I really, really need to start altering patterns to fit my narrow back. Should this be a sway back adjustment or a narrow back adjustment do you think?


I don’t really have too much else to say – this is a really quick make. I cut it out one day and sewed it in pretty much an afternoon. I think I definitely see more 60s-style Cocos in my future!

Turqoise-Coco-Top-6  Turqoise-Coco-Top-8

10 thoughts on “Turquoise Coco Top

  1. foodienelly

    Hi Your coco looks great! I also have a little issue with how the top fits on the upper chest – with mine I got vertical lines coming down from the funnel neckline. Not massively obvious but I notice them. I wondered if it was a sizing issue and I should have picked a smaller size (various Google searches suggested it was due to excess fabric). But I’ll be making another and seeing what happens with that!


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      Thanks! I thought it might be a sizing issue, but I never know if something is too big or too small! I might try grad in between sizes next time across the top.


  2. Thimberlina

    It looks great on, just that niggly excess fabric. Mine have it too. One of my ‘real life’ sewing buddies told me to always nip a tiny bit from the front when cutting out all tops. I’ve never done it tho, but she swears it makes everything fit better. 😀


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