Book: No Patterns Needed

After posting my #SewDots dress I thought I would share a little review of Rosie Martin’s book No Patterns Needed. I was going to post this a couple of days ago but my computer is on its last legs and wasn’t cooperating all weekend.

no-patterns-needed-1I had hoped to have something made from the book, but I haven’t had time yet. Also I just counted and I have almost 50 patterns (!) so it might be a while until I get around to making one of the garments from this book!

It’s split into 3 sections: rectangles, circles and triangles – and each section is colour coded. The rectangles section is pink.


The way the book works is that she gives you instructions for how to make each garment – there aren’t any patterns: hence the name! She also gives you a page to fill in with your measurements to make it easy to calculate the dimensions for drafting the ‘patterns’.



Each sample garment is made in the colour-coded fabric, but then she shows you other versions on other people, of different shapes and sizes. This is the part I particularly like – it shows you how you can make each thing fit your style. I love this dress version of the cape sleeved top.

no-patterns-needed-6I like this shirt dress too.


And then both of the other versions look different and both of them are cool – and seem to fit their styles. Also love the pink hair!


I like the circles section – it definitely helps that blue is my favourite colour!


The segment dress is one of my favourite things in the book – I love the easy swingy shape.


I think this might be the first thing I make – as I’ll probably get around to making something next Summer! I think I’ll leave off the ruffle too, like these versions.


There’s a circular wrap skirt in this section too, which is pretty cool, though it seems the dress is the only thing I photographed for the circles! So onto the triangles, in green.


I like the kimono top – especially the pink version and the way it’s been styled. I basically want to just copy this whole outfit!


This is my other favourite garment from the book – the four slice sweater – which is also the thing Rosie made for the #sewdots initiative.


Again I really like the other versions and they way they’ve been styled – and the fabrics they’ve used. I love the monochrome one with the culottes and I love the blue with the flowery fabric – it’s a great combo which I probably wouldn’t have thought to put together.


The last set of instructions in the book is for this triangle dress. I love the cheeky cut-out!


And I like the colour-blocked version, and the different skirt lengths.


Have you got this book? Are you tempted to self-draft items to sew? I’m a bit scared to be honest, but it seems like I’d have a better chance of getting something that fits well if I draft it to my own measurements!




4 thoughts on “Book: No Patterns Needed

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  2. kalimak

    Does this ever happen to you? I thought about your review a lot and ended up convincing myself that I did, in fact, post a comment under it — but, obviously, I didn’t. High time to catch up with that false memory đŸ˜‰

    Thanks so much for this wonderful detailed review. Now I’m really intrigued by this book. There’s a lot to say about simple sewing and simple shapes. They make for a very wearable and versatile wardrobe. I often get into the trap of focusing on details and complexity and that leads to stalling on sewing. Then I sew something simple and am stunned how practical it is… Simplifying is often a good strategy to get sewing done.


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      Hehe, I’m sure I’ve written comments in my head a hundred times! I also do it with talking when I’m not sure if I thought something or said it aloud – then invariably I’ll say it twice!

      I definitely want to have a go at some of the ‘patterns’ in this book – I think you’re right that it could change our mindsets and demystify making great clothes – and ones that fit because they’re based on your actual measurements!

      Liked by 1 person

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