Round Rug

Last Christmas I made a rug for my sister, to match the colours of things she and her husband already had in their sitting room. I thought a round rug would be nice so I used the pattern I had already used for the round cushion to make the rug and just kept on knitting until it seemed big enough for a rug (though it’s not massive). When it got a few rows bigger than the cushion was, I transferred it onto a round needle (though it’s not knitted in the round) because it would no longer fit onto straight needles.

Round, stripy rug


I backed it with some quite thick fabric (though I don’t remember exactly what it was) to make it stronger and help it keep its shape.

I backed it with some quite thick fabric (though I don't remember exactly what it was) to make it stronger and help it keep its shape.


Round Cushion

When I first got back into knitting a couple of years ago, I tried to make as many Christmas presents as possible. Since I had no life that Winter, I managed to make 2 scarves (which you can see here) and 2 cushions, both of which were stripy and used mostly the same wool (partly to save money) but with one or two differences (you can see the other cushion here). This round cushion was for my friend Chloe as she likes red circles. I won’t type out the entire pattern as you can find it here and I’m pretty sure it would be a breach of copyright or something.

When I was knitting the back of this cushion, I seemed to forget how to do purling so the back was done in garter stitch and not stocking stitch as it was meant to be.


The lovely fat cushion!


The back, with a big red button in the middle.


Tip: I used this pattern again to make a rug for my sister and since they hole in the middle of each side of the cushion was quite big, instead of casting on 14 stitches, I cast on 8 stitches and did the first row twice to get up to the right number of stitches.

Tip 2: I waited until I had made both sides of the cushion until I ordered the cushion pad to go inside it as I seem to never be able to knit to the size patterns expect me to and I’m too lazy to check my tension so the cushion might be bigger or smaller than you expect it to be.