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Flowery Archer

I made another Grainline Archer shirt and I love it! (Have you noticed I love basically everything I make – sorry not sorry).

Flowery-Archer-1The fabric is some thin flowery stuff I had in my stash – it’s almost certainly synthetic. I have absolutely no idea where it came from, but it’s been in my stash for a while. It’s a little see-through, but I think it looks okay.


I’m not usually a super-flowery person. Possibly controversially I don’t really like Liberty prints for instance. But I quite like this fabric – I like pink, and I picked out the tiny blue flowers by using blue top-stitching thread. If I’d made a more feminine silhouette of shirt – like the Colette Violet – then I think this would have been pushed over the edge into too girly and chintzy for me, but since it’s a kind of masculine silhouette, I think it works.


I made the size 4, like last time, and the only change I made was to take 1 1/2 inch off the lengths of the pockets. Looking at the pictures, I should maybe have lowered the placement as they are a bit booby maybe.


I definitely found making the Archer easier the second time – it helps to be familiar with how the pieces come together. I still have to use the sewalong to help me with the collar, though.

It does occur to me, however, that both times I’ve made this, I’ve done the pleat at the back the wrong way around – what do you think?


Looking at mens’ shirts, the pleat is on the outside, if that makes sense? Should this shirt be like that too? But look at that beautiful top-stitching!


The buttons were also from my stash, so this was a super thrifty make – I already had the pattern, fabric, buttons and thread! I decided to sew the buttons on with the thread in a cross – I normally sew them in a square and I’m not really sure why. I like the cross style 🙂 I’ve seen this photo on Pinterest and I’d like to experiment with other stitching styles.


Sorry I don’t have much else to say about this shirt – it came together well and is basically the same as the other one I made. I really like this pattern and I think I’ll be making more in the future – maybe in a classic plaid? Do you have patterns you return to over and over?


Blue Spotty Archer Button Up thumbnail Parrot Shirt Gingham-Violet-Thumb 2