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Knitting Baby Cardigans

I’ve recently got back into knitting, after making my hat I took a little break but then wanted to make all the things, like blankets and a Lauren Aston cardigan but I figured I couldn’t really justify buying yarn for new projects when I had a whole box full of yarn I’d had for years sitting there. I decided I needed to use a big chunk of what I already had before I was ‘allowed’ to buy new things (because once I learned to sew my knitting enthusiasm waned for years and I feared it would again, but with a very expensive stash sitting there!). I had a bunch of individual balls of acrylics so I thought ‘what better to make than baby cardigans for my 2 friends, one of which has had his son and the other is expecting later this month’? The pattern is one I’ve had for ages and now can’t remember where it came from but it’s so satisfying and quick to make – especially by the 6th time through!

So Ta Da!

I think this last one might be my favourite! Also they ended up a slight range of sizes because the yarns were slightly different weights I think – and I also think my tension is not very consistent. But this is good because then hopefully they will see the babies through a good few months, and maybe they’ll stretch and last even longer, who knows?!

My knitting enthusiasm is not waning yet – I made these cardigans between March and April – and I’m now knitting myself a jumper, which is taking shape considerably faster than the 4 years it took me to finish the last jumper I made for myself!

I actually knitted a jumper!

This is definitely by far the longest I’ve every worked on a garment – over 4 years!!!!!!

The pattern is the raglan jumper pattern from Learn to Knit Love to Knit and the yarn was from a charity shop where I used to live in London (which I moved away from 3 1/2 years ago!).

I made the smallest size and according to my best estimate, I started knitting this in January 2015! I don’t generally make that much time for knitting – and you can tell from how long this took me! I go up to Scotland every January/February to have a second Christmas with my friends and we usually sit around drinking tea, chatting and knitting so I think most of this was done in tiny chunks each year until this year when I decided I actually had to finish it!

The fit is fine – which is lucky because I have no idea how to alter knitting patterns to fit! It is a loose fit, but I’m fine with that. It’s also one of my warmest jumpers because the yarn is acrylic, which is not what I would choose now if I was buying yarn for a jumper.

I like that the yarn has sparkly gold bits running through it, making it a bit more interesting than a plain black jumper.

One of the sleeves is longer than the other, but I think that’s not a total shock since I’m sure my tension changed throughout the 4 years it took to knit this! I also have to roll up the cuffs as the sleeves are a tad long.

The front, back and sleeves are all knitted separately then sewn together, then you knit the neckband (I think).

I’m so pleased I forced myself to finish this jumper as the weather has definitely taken a turn for the autumnal!

My next knitting project is a jumper for my partner – anyone want to take any bets on how long it will take me to finish it!?

Knitted Lego Brick Door Stop

If I have any regular readers, you may have noticed I have changed how my blog looks a little bit. I was publishing all my posts as pages as well, in the relevant category, but it seemed stupid to publish everything twice and was just creating huge lists of things which isn’t very interesting to search. So I’ve changed it so each category has a page of photos which link to the posts – it also means I’m not splitting readers between a  page and a post, they’ll all be in the same place! Because WordPress seems to be a bit pooh at a lot of things (unless you pay), I can’t format my photos nicely, so they’re just in a long line – hopefully I’ll figure some magical way to make them look a bit nicer!

I have also decided to delete the film category – I mentioned a little while ago that I was thinking of doing this. I go to the cinema most weeks and watch probably one or two DVDs every week, so unless I was doing a film blog, I don’t think I’d ever find time to review them all – and the perfectionist in me would want to review them all! Sorry to anyone who was reading this blog for the films, but there must be loads of great film blogs out there – which this blog will never be!

Anyway, enough rambling…..on with my crafty post………

So for my Christmas 2, I tried to make as many presents as possible (I’ve probably already told you that), but it’s kind of tricky to make presents for boys. Luckily one of the other girls in the group hit on the genius idea to all make lego-themed presents for one of the boys. She sent me a link to a giant knitted lego brick doorstop, so I bagsied making it! The full instructions are here – I won’t write it all out as I’m lazy! I will say, if you’re using a standard UK house brick, use the amended sizes of pieces the designer mentions on Step 3 – my pieces ended up a bit long. Anyway, enough words…..pictures!

Step 1: Wrap the brick in something soft (in my case some left over wadding) to protect the knitting and your floor!


Step 2: Knit all the pieces.


I used contact lens case lids instead of bottle caps for the ‘nipples’ on top of the brick, as I had tonnes of them lying around!


I used the trails of wool from the knitting to tie the ‘nipples’ onto the top piece before I sewed all the pieces around the brick:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(You can kind of see the white of the wadding)

Step 3: Is just to sew it all together (sorry if my steps don’t line up with the ones on the instructables)



And here it is, fulfilling its purpose in life!