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Me Made May 2014 Week Four

It’s now June, so here is my last chunk of Me Made May photos. Out of the last 10 days, there were only 2 on which I didn’t wear anything me-made. So one main thing I’ve learned is that I have more me-made clothes that I thought, as I’ve managed to out-do my target every week – I’ve worn 5 things instead of 4 as I thought. There were some things I didn’t wear – I knew I wouldn’t wear either of my Elisalex dresses (1 and 2). I’ve got some time off work coming up and I might try to alter them in a way that would mean I would wear them. I’m thinking adding some pockets, letting out the bodices, maybe removing the sleeves and possibly taking up the hems. I’ll see if I get around to it! I also didn’t wear my bright yellow Butterick skirt. It was kind of warm for a weekend, but over all in May it wasn’t super warm here and I don’t like the way this skirt looks with tights, so I can only wear it when it’s warm enough to get out my pasty legs. I have also worn my yellow and pink cardigans A LOT! I do have other clothes, but they’re bright so I’m more drawn to them than my black/ navy/ beige ones! My main feeling is excitement that I don’t have to take any more outfit photos – I think if I do it again next year, I’ll take pictures of the clothes before I put them on, as some people do.

Day 22: Parrot Shirt refashion and Black Simplicity 2451
with pink H & M cardigan.

Day 23: Black Banksia
with black skinny trousers from New Look and yellow cardigan from H & M


Day 24: Grainline Scout tee with Collar
with navy New Look skinnies, yellow cardigan H & M

Day 25: Pink Banksia
with black New Look skinnies and pink H & M cardigan (again!)


Day 27: Navy Simplicity 2451
with grey striped Primark vest and navy loose top and grey peplum cardigan, both from M & S for Christmas. (Quite a frumpy, shapeless outfit looking at it!)


Day 28: GBSB Boyfriend Shirt
with skinny Primark jeans and pink H & M cardigan (again!)


Day 29: Blue Spotty Grainline Scout Tee
with navy skinny New Look trousers and beige H & M cardigan


Day 30: Refashioned (and free) H & M dress
with old black H & M cardigan


2 Simplicity 2451 Skirts

As you may have seen in my Me Made May posts, I made 2 Simplicity 2451 skirts recently. I finished them near the end of April and have worn them both quite a bit. One is black corduroy and the other is navy blue drill, both were a gift from my sister who was clearing out her stash. I cut out a straight size 8, based on my waist measurement  and the finished garment measurements – there’s at least 3 inches of ease built into it, which seems like a lot for a skirt that’s meant to sit almost on your waist. I wanted them to sit actually on my waist and the blue one does but the black on is quite a bit looser – does anyone know why that might be? Has the corduroy stretched? Is that something it’s prone to do?

Anyhoos, here are my pictures – I don’t really have much to say about construction. They came together really easily and I didn’t make any fit adjustments – which I probably should have. I love the pleats and the pockets are big enough to fit my (stupidly big) phone in without it falling out when I sit down, so it’s a winner of a pattern in my book!

Black corduroy version:

The blue version: (I didn’t realise I had a ladder in my tights btw!)

I hand-stitched both hems and I think after these and my second Emery, this is my new favourite method of hemming – I used to do them on the machine for speed, but it does look nice if you can’t see the stitches!

Me Made May 2014 Week Three

This week of Me Made May has been pretty good – I managed 6 me made outfits! My pledge was to wear me made things on at least 4 days, so I’m pretty pleased with 6! None of the outfits it especially exciting or different from things you’ve seen in weeks one and two.

Day 15: Parrot shirt refashion
with New Look skinny trousers and a trusty H & M cardi. (and a slightly stoned-looking photo!)


Day 16: Refashioned high-necked t-shirt
with Primark jeans and H & M cardigan.

Day 17: Emery Dress 2
with yellow H & M cardigan and mustard yellow tights.
I forgot to take a photo of this outfit, because it was the day of my nephew’s first birthday party so taking a picture of my dress wasn’t top on my list of things to do. It was an identical outfit to how I wore the dress in week one, so you can check it out there đŸ™‚

Day 18: Gertie bow-tied blouse
with really old refashioned denim skirt (made from a pair of jeans).
This is the first time I’ve worn this basically since I finished it – I think this may have proved that this style and fit is not for me, so I think this may be on it’s way out of my wardrobe.


Day 20: Grainline scout tee
with New Look skinny trousers and a falling apart H & M cardigan. I intend to knit a cardi to replace this one as I love the colour, but I’m such a slow knitter, this will probably be string by the time I’m done!Me-Made-May-2014-Day-19
Day 22: My first grainline scout tee and Blue Simplicity 2451 skirt.
It wasn’t really warm enough for bare legs yesterday, but I was clinging to the hope that Summer was here already! Sorry for all the pasty white flesh, though.


Only a week and a bit to go! I have a couple of things I haven’t worn yet, but only a couple of those are normally in my regular rotation of clothes. Things like my 2 Elisalex dresses never get worn and I don’t wear my bright yellow skirt much because I don’t like how it looks with tights – I guess it’s a Summer skirt, so in England that should give me a couple of weeks’ wear each year!

Me Made May 2014 Week One

This is my first year doing Me Made May and so far I haven’t found it too challenging. I still have quite a lot of things I haven’t worn yet, so hopefully the month won’t be too repetitive outfit-wise. The hardest part is taking a photo of my outfit every day, but I’ve managed so far!

Day One: Simplicity 2451 skirt.
with an old blouse from H & M, and old cardigan from H & M and a vest top I got as a present with some pajamas.

Me Made May 2014 Day 1

Day Three: My Great British Sewing Bee boyfriend shirt.
with a Primark white vest underneath (the buttons gape a bit), an H & M cardigan and Primark jeans.

Me Made May 2014 Day 3

Day Four: My first Emery dress
with an H & M cardigan and bright blue tights!
This day I went to birthday drinks for the boyfriend’s brother’s birthday and it was nice to dress up a bit, but still feel comfortable.

Me Made May 2014 Day 4

Day 5: Refashioned high necked t shirt
with really old and slightly holey cardigan from H & M and New Look skinny trousers.

Me Made May 2014 Day 6

Day 7: My second Emery dress.
with H & M cardigan and matching mustard yellow tights!
This was yesterday and I was lucky enough to go to Tilly and the Buttons’ IRL book launch where I met quite a few amazing sewing bloggers, including So Zo!

Me Made May 2014 Day 7
So I actually managed 5 outfits, when my pledge was 4. I’m still confident I can do at least 4 from now on and I haven’t worn all my good stuff in the first week!

So far I have learned that apparently all my cardigans come from H & M and I still wear quite a few things from Primark, who are evil. I don’t buy things from them anymore, but since I already have stuff from them, I figure it would be a shame to throw it all away/ stop wearing it as that’s just as wasteful and buying disposable fashion in the first place!

Me Made May 14


I’ve been thinking for quite a while about Me Made May and whether I should join in – and if so, what I could manage in terms of my pledge. When I first started sewing just over a year ago, So Zo’s Me Made May came around when I had made, like, one dress and I was jealous of everyone who could join in. This year I have quite a few me-made things, and I generally wear them quite often, so I figure I can join in this year. Especially because I’ve been bad at joining in with things so far!

So my pledge for Me Made May is:

To wear at least one me-made/ refashioned item each day, for four days out of each week. I’ll take photos every day and post a round-up once a week. I’m also going to try to wear different outfits where possible, so that the photos don’t look all the same and we all get bored of me wearing the same 3 things in rotation.

Maybe by next year’s Me Made May, I’ll have enough garments to wear something every day. I have several things which I’ve finished, but haven’t blogged, so I’ll try to blog them throughout May to catch up! I’ll also see what items I’ve made which I never wear/ don’t feel comfortable in (my Elisalex dresses I suspect) so that I can learn more what suits me, what I’m comfortable in and what I like, so that my future sewing is more tailored to my actual style and is as much cake as it is frosting, as they say. I would try to make more things throughout the month to make my outfits a bit less repeat-y but I have a very busy month, so I’m not sure