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Me Made May 2014 Week Two

My round-up is a day late because I managed to take all my photos and then my camera battery died so I couldn’t get the pictures off the camera to blog them. Wow, first world problems much! Again this week I managed 5 outfits, and I still have quite a few things I’ve not worn yet. I feel, though, that my outfits are still getting a little boring because I’ve realised I wear pretty much the same thing most of the time – skinny trousers/ jeans with a blouse/ loose t-shirt. This will hopefully lead my sewing in the future in terms of making things I will definitely wear.

Day 8: Refashioned shirt dress into a shirt.
with black skinny trousers from New Look and (another) H & M cardigan.


Day 9: My first, pink Banksia and blue Simplicity 2451.
with another H & M cardigan and navy tights.


Day 10: Refashioned mustard corduroy skirt, from shorts.
with black Primark jumper, collar/necklace was a Christmas present so I don’t know where it’s from, and a goofy expression!


Day 12: Red Miette cardigan
with navy knit dress from H & M and bright red tights!

Day 14: Green refashioned high-necked top
with navy skinny trousers from New Look and H & M cardigan.

I’m not sure what I’ve learned after the second week of Me Made May, except that it really is a pain to take a photo of myself every day!