Me Made May 2014 Week One

This is my first year doing Me Made May and so far I haven’t found it too challenging. I still have quite a lot of things I haven’t worn yet, so hopefully the month won’t be too repetitive outfit-wise. The hardest part is taking a photo of my outfit every day, but I’ve managed so far!

Day One: Simplicity 2451 skirt.
with an old blouse from H & M, and old cardigan from H & M and a vest top I got as a present with some pajamas.

Me Made May 2014 Day 1

Day Three: My Great British Sewing Bee boyfriend shirt.
with a Primark white vest underneath (the buttons gape a bit), an H & M cardigan and Primark jeans.

Me Made May 2014 Day 3

Day Four: My first Emery dress
with an H & M cardigan and bright blue tights!
This day I went to birthday drinks for the boyfriend’s brother’s birthday and it was nice to dress up a bit, but still feel comfortable.

Me Made May 2014 Day 4

Day 5: Refashioned high necked t shirt
with really old and slightly holey cardigan from H & M and New Look skinny trousers.

Me Made May 2014 Day 6

Day 7: My second Emery dress.
with H & M cardigan and matching mustard yellow tights!
This was yesterday and I was lucky enough to go to Tilly and the Buttons’ IRL book launch where I met quite a few amazing sewing bloggers, including So Zo!

Me Made May 2014 Day 7
So I actually managed 5 outfits, when my pledge was 4. I’m still confident I can do at least 4 from now on and I haven’t worn all my good stuff in the first week!

So far I have learned that apparently all my cardigans come from H & M and I still wear quite a few things from Primark, who are evil. I don’t buy things from them anymore, but since I already have stuff from them, I figure it would be a shame to throw it all away/ stop wearing it as that’s just as wasteful and buying disposable fashion in the first place!