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My first amigurumi – Pusheen!

I made a Pusheen!

Pusheen-1Have you heard of Pusheen? He’s a very lazy animated cat who is the subject of a Tumblr.

I used this free pattern on Ravelry to make him, and this is my first amigurumi make. I made him because I’m making a present for someone which is a crocheted amigurumi thing that’s much more complicated, so I thought I’d make a simple thing for practice.

Making the little feet and ears was a bit fiddly, but I managed it and they looked okay.

Pusheen-3I basically had to re-teach myself how to crochet as I hadn’t done any, since learning, apart from when I made my crocheted cushion cover, back in November 2013! Youtube is my friend!

He does just about manage to stand up 🙂


And look at thos cute little feet! (Nipple feet as a friend of mine has dubbed them – cue weird google searches finding my blog!)Pusheen-4Embroidering his face was probably the hardest part – it took me a few goes. The pattern calls for actual toy eyes, but I didn’t have any and as this was a practice and a kind of stash buster, I didn’t want to buy anything specifically for it.

Do you crochet? Amigurumi or otherwise? Making this and the present (which I still haven’t finished, bad!), rejuvenated my interest in crochet and I think I’ll give a blanket or another cushion cover a go – I do like the classic granny square!

Strawberry Tea Cosy

So I seem to be in the middle of loads of things at the moment, which makes having things to blog about limited! I’m almost done with my first cardigan, I’m half-way through the boyfriend shirt from the Great British Sewing Bee book and  I’m about to cut out my first By Hand London Elizalex dress, in the hopes that it will be a wearable muslin, ready to make another one by August 3rd for a friend’s wedding. I don’t quite know how I plan to fit all of this in!

So for today, I have an old make to share with you, which I made for one of my 2 best friends a couple of Christmases ago. She loves strawberries and tea, so I had the genius idea to make her a strawberry tea cosy! I used this free pattern from ravelry. This was the first time I ever knitted in the round (before I ever thought of knitting the socks from hell!) I was very proud of this fact, so most of the photos I have of the tea cosy demonstrate that I was knitting it in the round:

Chloe's tea cosy 4

Chloe's tea cosy 1

Chloe's tea cosy 3

I love the little seeds and the top being all triangley! (And thanks to my lovely mummy for holding it for me to photograph!)

Chloe's tea cosy 2

This is it finished, but the colour looks kind of washed out, weird. Also, I really should have taken a photo of it on a teapot, but at that point I wasn’t writing a blog, so didn’t think that might be useful in the future!