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Wardrobe Architect Week 12: Adding Accessories

This week for Wardrobe Architect we’re talking about accessories. I’ve put this post off for a week because I think I’ going to get a bit stuck because I don’t know how much I use accessories. In the original post they talk about functional accessories and decorative accessories.

“Functional accessories can be decorative too of course, but there is some element of usefulness to them. They might include shoes, bags, hats, belts, warm scarves, gloves, sunglasses, and legwear. These are all things you need to work for you in one way or another. You might not need all of these things, depending on your climate, and some might become purely decorative for you.” Functional accessories might be shoes, bags, hats, scarves and gloves.

“Decorative accessories, like jewelry or pretty scarves, don’t really need to have all of these functional requirements. You can also include some things from the functional list that you wear purely for the sake of style. For example, if you don’t really need to wear a hat in the summer but like the way hats look on you, you can add them to this list.” Decorative accessories might be jewelery and more floaty (less warmth-focussed) scarves.

There is an exercise for this week:

1 Make a list of requirements for your accessories. List what you consider to be functional accessories and decorative accessories, and what your requirements are for each.

Shoes are probably the kind of accessory I have the most of. I have 2 pairs of trainers (one of vans and one rocket dogs), one pair of brogues, 2 pairs of ankle boots, 2 pairs of work flats and a new pair of Clarks lace ups. I wear a lot of pashminas in the Winter because I get cold really easily. I have one pair of sunglasses and a sun hat. When it’s cold I wear earmuffs or wooly hats, gloves and my favourite warm scarf. To be honest I think I’m pretty set for necessary accessories. I could probably always do with more shoes, but couldn’t we all?!

In terms of decorative accessories, I think the only ones I really wear are earrings and I only wear those a couple of days a week maximum. I never wear rings and very occasionally I remember to wear a necklace. I almost certainly have too many decorative accessories compared with how often I wear them, so I definitely don’t need to have any more on a to buy list.

2 Decide how many of each to include for the coming season. How many of each do you need for your current capsule wardrobe?

I haven’t been really working towards a specific season with my foray into the Wardrobe Architect so I don’t know how relevant this is. I could probably do with another pair of sandals, but given in the UK this year so far we’ve had probably 2 warm weeks, it doesn’t seem especially urgent at the moment!

3 Add accessories to your capsule wardrobe. Be sure to look towards what you already own before window shopping!

I think going forwards (urgh, sorry for the management speak!) I will try to be more mindful of the kinds of accessories I feel would nicely finish off an outfit of handmades and work towards a more curated selection. Especially of decorative accessories, so that I have a small stash of ones I actually wear!

Phew, that wasn’t so hard! It’s a brief one this week.

My Favourite Scarf!

When I first got back into knitting a few years ago, I made several scarfs for people for presents (and a hat for one) but I realised I hadn’t made myself one since before I went to uni (which is now *cough* 10 years ago). I stopped wearing that scarf a long time ago as it was in a pale, baby shade of blue which I used to wear all the time but now don’t really like. It was made with spider stitch (I think it’s called), which is really loopy so it knitted up really quick!

This new scarf was also fairly quick, but it took me most of my Christmas holiday (yes, I’m a bit late posting it) and most of January here and there to finish. I’ve got out of the habit of knitting in my free time but I really wanted this scarf finished so I could wear it right away and it’s amazing how much time you can find when that’s the case!

I made up the design as I went along, but based it on this one I saw in Accessorize:

Deborah Autumn Stripe Snood Accessorize

Deborah Autumn Striped Snood, Accessorize

The only new wools I bought were the mustard yellow (which seems to be my new favourite colour), the wine colour and a nice ball of navy blue. I already had all the other colours in my (ever growing) stash.

Did I mention I love my scarf? And I’ve worn it every day that it’s been cold enough to!


I knitted the scarf/ snood (though my mum tells me it’s not technically a snood) on circular needles in size 5. I joined it into a loop on the needles and cast on 240 stitches as I figured that number could be divided by loads of different numbers (2,3,4,5,6,8,10 etc) depending on the patterns I decided to do. I knitted each end in rib of 3 knits, 3 purls in navy blue (like the inspiration scarf) and then made it up in between.


I did all sorts of different patterns with the different coloured wool, including diamonds, triangles, diagonal lines and plain old stripes. It’s kind of like a sampler!


I’m quite proud of the inside. My friend Fran taught me the technique to twist the different strands together on the back to make it more secure and to make it neater on the inside when doing colour work (I think that’s what it’s called rather than intarsia or something). It was a bit of a pain in the arse but totally worth it, otherwise the inside would have looked terrible and I would have snagged and pulled it so many times if there were big loops of wool everywhere!


I generally wear it wrapped around twice, for extra warmth but this is how long it is not wrapped around twice!

Did I mention this is a very snuggly, warm scarf? And I love it!


Scarves for my Aunt and Uncle

I think the first thing anyone in the whole world knits when they first learn is a scarf. I was no exception when, on a holiday with my very best friends a couple of years ago, I started knitting again for the first time in years.

My wonderful Aunt and Uncle requested scarves for Christmas 2010 so I duly obliged. Hers was a fabulous lime green colour and his a dusky blue which brought out the colour of his eyes. Hers was knitted in moss stitch, which takes a long time and uses up a lot of wool, but looks cool, and his was stocking stitch rib.