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Sewalong Fail!

Unfortunately I have failed to finish my Emery Dress is time for the end of the sew-along. 😦 Despite having a couple of months and an entire week off work in that time, I only got around to cutting out the dress this evening and have sewed quite a bit of it, but I’m travelling to my parents’ tomorrow and am not home until Monday 30th (I think it’s the 30th), so I won’t get it done. The Boyfriend’s mum has a sewing machine which she has kindly said I can use while I’m at their house, which is for 6 days and I might still do this if I can carry all my sewing stuff as well as all my presents and clothes for more than a week. I’m also hoping to take my camera and laptop, so you never know…..

I won’t be updating again before Christmas, so I hope you all have a lovely restful time!

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