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Yellow Skirt Gang skirt

Having made one yellow skirt already, I felt like my wardrobe could still use another yellow skirt so I joined the Yellow Skirt Gang. The wanted the original one to be mustard, but (and other people in the yellow skirt gang can attest to this) it’s ridiculously hard to buy mustard yellow fabric. Luckily my friend Fran had a pair of shorts in mustard corduroy that she didn’t want. But they were a little big:


They were a size 14 and I decided I would get more wear out of them if I made them into a skirt. So I unpicked the inside leg seams and the crotch seam. I also unpicked the hems – luckily they had a really massive hem, which left me a good amount of fabric to make sure it wasn’t too short. I also took off the waistband.


I took the skirt in about 3 cm each side and then another 6 cm on the back seam. On the sides so I didn’t interfere with the pockets, I took it in from the back towards the side seam (if that makes sense), so there are kind of 2 seams right next to each other. I then shortened the waistband and sewed it back on and made a new button hole.P1010822

I also, if course, sewed up the gaps where the legs were at the front and back. I also zig-zagged all the raw edges as this stuff frays like a bitch! I’m pretty pleased with the result, but I didn’t take it in quite enough, so although it sits on my hips, I had hoped it would be tight-ish on my waist to I could wear tops tucked into it. I kept trying it on on the way, but somehow didn’t take it in enough. Never mind. I can’t be bothered to sort it out now, so I’ll live with it as it is. The last thing I did was hem it, using the original fold where it was folded once before being folded again for the massive hem.

P1010796(you can still see the fold from the original hem, which wouldn’t come out from ironing. I think/hope it will come out when I wash it.)



And here it is with my latest Grainline Scout Tee, which I’ll blog about shortly. This was a pretty straightforward refashion because there wasn’t too much fitting involved (though there should have been more fitting!) and there were only a couple of seams to alter. Once I’d unpicked all the seams, it was really quick and only really took a couple of hours. If I had had  a bit more time, I would take it in a bit more – possibly by adding a couple more pleats on the front, and I might have taken off the back pockets and made them a bit smaller before sewing them back on. But I’m too lazy!

p1010782 small

I’m pleased I got this made in time. Now I just need to make my Emery Dress for the sewalong by the end of the week……and I haven’t even cut it out yet!