Hudson Sweatpants

How did I wait so long to make Hudson pants?!?!

When the UK went into lockdown at the end of March I kinda realised I didn’t have a huge amount of comfortable, lounging-around-the-house-clothes. Enter the Hudson Pants! I think this might be my first True Bias pattern and I really like it, though I did find the pdf pattern difficult to assemble.

I made the size 4, based on my hip measurement and I’m pretty pleased with the fit. I was pretty worried they were going to end up really short by looking at the pattern, but of course there’s the cuff and the waistband to take into account. Luckily they worked out fine!

I did have to make a tiny fitting tweak as I was going, by reducing the seam allowance to 0.5cm on the legs as they were way to tight! If I made these again I might even go up a size – and I do kinda feel like I need 20 pairs of these, in every colour!

Both of these sweatshirtings are from New Craft House and they are both really nice quality. They shed like a bitch while I was cutting and sewing them, but I’ve worn both pairs quite a bit and no pilling yet in sight! The cord was from Minerva Crafts. If you know anywhere that sells nice quality sweatshirtings, please let me know as I do kinda want to make more of these!

Having said I might go up a size next time, I actually do like the fit of these as they are just snug enough to not look like I’m wearing sweatpants that aren’t mine. But they’re loose enough to still be comfortable.

The grey pair does give me slight camel-toe vibes!😂 Any one have any ideas how to fix this? I assume it means I need a little more room in the rise? So actually going up a size might work (OMG, I’ve gone back and forth on this like 3 times in this one blog post!).

Since I’ve been spending the vast majority of my furlough sitting at my sewing machine, I can confirm that while I love jeans, these are sooooooo much more comfortable if you’re sitting all day!

I haven’t actually worn these out of the house yet, but I think they are definitely nice enough to wear out of the house – particularly with my Uniqlo/ Merchant and Mills tees which I’d kind of forgotten about!

So am I the last person to make the Hudson pants? I think I’m definitely the last person who hasn’t yet made the Ogden Cami, the other most popular of True Bias’s patterns! I’m not sure whether I thought sweatpants would suit me, but I’m so glad I made them – even if I do just wear them for sewing in, comfort is king!



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