Me Made May 2015

Last year was my first year taking part in Me Made May (you can see my weekly round-up posts here: 1, 2, 3, 4) as it was the firs time since I started making my own clothes 2 years ago that I felt I had enough to make a pledge. I’m not sure I’ve massively added to my wardrobe since then as I had a big chunk of last year without really making much. I think I could improve on my pledge from last year, so here it is:

“I, Amelia, of pledge to wear at least one item of me-made clothing on at least 5 days of each week.”

I’m just going to document my progress on Instagram, so you can follow me there if you’re interested in how I get on. I’ll do a round-up post here at the end of the month.

I have the next week off work and am planning a real sewing binge, so hopefully I’ll add some basics that I really need. I’m planning to make a couple of pencil skirts, probably using the pattern from the second Great British Sewing Bee Book:

P1020609I’m also going to try sewing with knits for the first time – and I’m predicting I’ll discover I had no reason to be so scared! I’ve downloaded a couple of the free patterns available from the indies, The Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studio

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand the Plantain Tee from Deer and Doe:

Plantain TeeI’ve also had Tilly and the Buttons’ Coco pattern in my stash for a while, so hopefully I’ll manage to make that up.

Coco DressI’ve also got her Francoise Dress and have almost finished one version, with possible others to follow (though not for Me Made May!).

I’ve also got Colette Patterns’ Mabel skirt and Moneta Dress for when I’ve conquered knits – I’m thinking a couple of each would be really good wardrobe staples.

Mabel Skirt    Moneta Dress

I’m hoping to finish refashioning one or two of the things I have sitting on my refashion pile, especially the things I bought from the Fara Workshop.

I suspect I won’t get everything made in time for Me Made May! My eyes are bigger than my….sewing stomach (?). Definitely on my ‘very soon to make’ list is the amazing Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Case Files. I have to add trousers/ jeans to my repertoire to have a really me made wardrobe as it is what I wear 90% of the time.

Ginger Jeans Pattern

I’m also planning to make a Holly jumpsuit or two – it seems like a good alternative to the Summer dress, especially given I cycle to work. I also have the Hazel pattern, to make some Summer dresses from, and I reckon I could pattern hack them and use the top of Hazel with the bottom of Holly.

Hazel Dress Holly Jumpsuit

Are you planning to join in with Me Made May? Are you panic-sewing in preparation?

5 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015

  1. Thimberlina

    Phew! That’s quite a list! I’m planning on taking part in MMM for the first time too but not sewn anything for it specifically. But really I think after reding your post I should. I need a few summery tops, and the ginger jeans (pattern printed, not stuck together yet!).
    Good luck with your plans! 😀


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      I think I always get carried away with plans and then forget how long it actually takes to make things! I think these are my long-term Summer plans and anything I get made for or during May is a bonus!

      Good luck with your first MMM!

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  2. PinhouseP

    I’ve been following the MMM’s the last three years I think, and every year I’ve pledged to join next year. But I don’t seem to have enough me mades to feel I can pull it off 🙂 Maybe I should take it as a hint, to start making more everyday clothing…? We’ll see jow that goes 🙂
    Good luck sewing with knits, you’ll be fine! It is not hard:)


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      I really wanted to take part in MMM in 2013, but I think at that point I had made, like, one dress – and I think I’d have got bored of wearing that every day! Maybe you could do a pledge where you wear me-mades one or two days a week, and then you could see what you wear on the other days, so you’d know what to sew to have a better me-made wardrobe? Not that I do anything that sensible! Or you could set yourself a challenge to be ready for next year?

      And I’m sure once I sew with knits, I’ll wonder why I was so scared, but it’s taking that first plunge!


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