Mustard Yellow Astoria

A little while ago (I’m a little backed up with finished makes due to my unplanned blogging break) I made this mustard yellow Astoria top.


This is the first Colette Seamwork pattern I’ve made and they are not lying when they say they are quick to make up. I made a size small and didn’t make any changes – and there are only a couple of pattern pieces.


I thought the fit of it was fine until I looked at these pictures – I guess with knits it’s easier to feel comfortable even if the fit of something isn’t perfect. Does anyone know what I can do to fix the drag lines around my armpits? This is the area I always find is tight on me, so do I just need to go up a size on the armscyes and sleeves? Maybe it’s easier to just go up a whole size? Also the neckband stands up a little – I’m not sure if that’s because the fabric stretches only one way. And I seem to remember having to work hard to squeeze on all the pattern pieces.


The fabric was the leftovers from the jacket from the wedding outfit I made back in May. It’s a really nice ponte roma and I’ll definitely look to sew with it again in the future. This one is also relatively thick so it’s almost warm. I like wearing it with the high-waisted navy trousers I altered as I don’t like to have a midriff gap – especially in the Winter!


Have you made any Seamwork patterns? I also have the Alder blouse. I haven’t subscribed as I’m not sure I would want enough of the patterns to justify it, but I do think Seamwork is a genius idea. I particularly like the podcast – I find myself getting really into podcasts (and the radio) recently. They’re better to listen to while sewing than trying to watch shows as I’ve done in the past. I always end up sitting behind my machine watching the tv!





13 thoughts on “Mustard Yellow Astoria

  1. kalimak

    Great minds think alike šŸ˜‰ I just made one today. I’ve had the pattern for ages now — I even had the PDF cut out and taped up for ages, so I really took my time on this very quick make.

    Mine actually fits much tighter than yours, though I think that my doubleknit has the required stretch percentage… A mystery. I love the color of yours. And I think the looser fir will make it a good layering piece. It would look great over your lovely Archer shirts, for example.

    I made two tiny alterations based on my experience with Colette and Seamwork patterns: I made a forward shoulder adjustment and I raised the armhole by about 1.5 cm. And I’m glad I did that because I think my range of movement would be a bit limited if I’d gone with the original armhole depth.


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      Great minds indeed! I actually made this one fairly close to buying the pattern, which is rare for me! I always think with knits I don’t really need to do fit adjustments, but obviously that’s not the case. Maybe a shoulder adjustment would work for me too?


  2. Meg White

    Cute!! You look adorable and cozy. I wouldn’t go up a size because the shoulders look just right on you. Perhaps an FBA might help the drag lines you pointed out. I’m very busty, and I do this all the time on knits. I just make a regular FBA, but instead of sewing the dart I ease in the excess as I sew the side seam. I like Tilly’s FBA tutorial because it doesn’t add width at the waistline.
    Just a thought that usually works for me! Great job. šŸ™‚


    1. Amelia Wray Post author

      Ooh, I literally hadn’t thought of a bust adjustment! I’m a b cup so maybe an sba rather than an fba? Thanks for the link to Tilly as I would have no idea how to do it in a pattern with no darts! šŸ™‚


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